10 Signs That Shows Your Dog Loves And Adores You


Does your dog love you? How can you be able to know if your dog loves you? Maybe you’ve already asked yourself this question.

If you’re keen on your dog, you’re definitely to be assuming that he loves you too.

If your dog spoke, he would probably tell you at every moment that he loves you. But since he’s not an individual and has his idiosyncrasy, he communicates it to you in the least times through a series of obvious signals that prove his genuine affection for you.

This, of course, at best, if you treat him with respect.

Below are 10 signs that prove that your dog loves you.

10_The dog that Receives you when you back to home with joy

If your dog receives you with much joy When you get home, expecting you at the door, moving its tail quickly and walking from one side to the opposite in search of your petting. Usually, with this sign, your dog loves you.

Many different signs show a dog’s love for its owner; however, this is often the foremost common and obvious.

Dogs don’t have an equivalent perception of time such as humans, and a few hours for them are often an eternity.

That is why once you leave home albeit it’s only a brief time, for them, its tons, and once they see you, they explode with joy.


9_The dog that looks for you all the time

Photo by Marek Mucha from Pexels

Like any lover, he will always seek the company of the loved one, wherever he is; whether on the sofa, on the bed, on the armchair. There you will have him trying to settle next to you to feel your warmth and words. This is among the way dogs show love to their owners.

He will also look for you with his eyes because he needs to have you in his field of vision, just to let you know, he will follow you unconditionally.

8_The dog that sits on your feet

Photo by Juliano Ferreira from Pexels

This gesture is extremely curious, and lots of people don’t quite understand why their dog sits on their feet or lies next to them. It’s a sort of canine communication that expresses its sentimental bond with you.

A dog that sits on your feet may be a dog that feels emotionally linked to you, which is why it lies down or feels closest to you. It’s its way of expressing that it wants to be with you.



7_The dog that Accompanies you in your sad time

If your dog accompanies you once you aren’t well, of course, this is a sign of his love.

Some say that dogs cannot have more senses than humans, but many of us firmly believe that dogs have an insight that permits them to know our emotions.

That is why it’s quite common that once you feel bad, either emotionally or for health reasons, your dog curls up next to you expecting you to urge better or simply keeping your company.

They know once you aren’t well, they will feel it. Within the same way, they will notice once you are nervous and once you put yourself during a protective mode ahead of people or animals. They have a six sense, no doubt.

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